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Bolton the Small Ghost
Genre: Horror
By kid1
 2.79 of 5

Bolton a kind small ghost was playing in a haunted mansion in Ghoultown, the city where he lived. Then a mean, evil and nasty ghoul tried to kill the little ghost. What a terrible sight! Suddenly the small ghostís dad sees him and runs to protect him. Bolton lies there dying. Bolton did not make it. Everybody was horrified by the news of his death. Luckily, they killed the evil ghoul. What a villain!

One year later Boltonís father saw the Mayor of Ghoultown passing by and was sad. He told them that he was sad because he was not good at dealing with people and that a mean witch had put spell on him for calling her nice. They asked him if he could bring Bolton back to life, so all the people in the town would be happy again. So, he tried but he was unable to. The Mayor felt even more helpless because he had a spell on him. The witch who had cast the spell on the mayor heard this. Therefore, she brought the small ghost Bolton back to life. As for the Mayor, the witch decided to lift the spell so the Mayor could continue his work in Ghoultown.

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Published: 2006-10-15 05:18:50

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