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Civil War Relics
Genre: Mystery
By wats
 2.97 of 5

One day while visiting my great-grandfathers house I was walking past his study. Then I heard some strange sounds coming from inside the room. I mustard up the courage to go inside and investigate what was making the strange sounds.

I followed the sound in order to find some clues. The sound was a draft of air coming from somewhere blowing the pages from an open book on the bookshelf. The first clue was an old worn gray book. The hard bound cover was as dark as the clouds outside on this stormy day. But after I closed the book the sounds still continued.

So I turned my attention to looking for more clues. Peering into the empty spot on the bookshelf where the book should have been was a mysterious switch. I couldn't resist and pressed the switch without thinking about the consequences. The bookshelf started to open. I stepped sideways to see a secret door behind the bookshelf. Again the sound was a draft of air blowing some loose leaf pages from the stack against the back wall. So I cautiously stepped into the hidden room.

There was nothing to be scared of in the room, so I spent the afternoon looking at all the old Civil War era relics. There were a few bills of Confederate money, but the general's sword was the thing that was of most interest to me.

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Published: 2006-12-04 19:44:07

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