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Business Scare
Genre: Fiction
By teacher
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Sarah, a computer software trainer, hurried to gather up her things after the last training session. It was already starting to get dark outside. She rushed down the stairs and out to her rental car. Sarah wanted to get back to her hotel before it was dark. She was afraid of being out at night in such a large city.

The drive back to her hotel took longer than she expected because of traffic. It was now completely dark outside and the air was chilly. Sarah was almost to the hotel. She turned down the alley in order to get to the back parking lot of the hotel. The alley lit by only one flickering streetlight. The rental car stalled half way down the alley. Sarah froze and waited in dead silence. Small puffs of smoke from under the hood of her broken down rental car were rising into the night air.

All of a sudden, a loud noise broke the silence of the alley. Sarah knew it was a gunshot and it came from close by. She bounded out of her car almost forgetting her purse. She ran for her life back down the dimly lit alley towards the front of the hotel.

Sarah’s heavy breathing and loud footsteps echoed down the alley sending shivers up her spine. As she reached the end of the alley, she stopped only for a split second to catch her breath. She heard heavy footsteps echoing from down the alley. Sarah was off again running out of the alley and onto the street where the hotel was. She slowed down to fast paced walk on street but she continued to here the scary sound of footsteps getting even closer. Therefore, she picked up the pace to a jog and eventually started running again.

As Sarah approached the hotel she ran up the steps of what she thought was the safety of the hotel. She did not look back until she was inside only to see a masked man holding a gun at the hotel clerk. She whirled around and started to run again. However, she stopped at the doors just as the hotel security guards came through the doors. She dropped down into a chair and took a deep breath. Her ordeal was now over.

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Published: 2006-10-16 05:23:19

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