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Case of the Green Monster Motorcycle
Genre: Mystery
By 0007
 3.07 of 5

Mike came home from school Friday afternoon with his friend Jimmy. He had been looking forward to competing in the motorcycle race on Friday night. Mike's dad came over to him and told him that his “Green Monster” motorcycle was missing.

If I don't find it I won’t be able to race to night. “There is only three hours until the motor-cross event starts,” said his brother Greg. “Well, I have to go over to Harley's Motorcycle Shop and pickup a new helmet for Mike. I can’t leave you kids here by your selves so you kids will have to coming with me,” informed Mike's dad, Don. “Not that Harley whose son Mike always beats on the track,” asked Greg. “That is the one,” Don replied.

When they got to Harley’s Motorcycle Shop, Harley wasn't in site. Since Mike was in a hurry to get back home so he could find his bike, he volunteered to look out back in the workshop. Mike, Greg and Jimmy looked in the first workshop Greg turned on the lights. Nobody was in there. All of a sudden, Mike heard a noise it sounded like Mike’s motorcycle. “Harley’s son must be on Mike's motorcycle,” said Greg. “How do you know that?” asked Jimmy when they got outside. “That is the Green Monster’s tire tracks so that means he's probably riding it,” answered Greg. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets follow those tracks,” Jimmy said. Therefore, they followed the tracks over to an old shed where they met Don. They opened the door. There was Harley’s son sitting on Mike’s motorcycle. “We solved the mystery,” yelled the now happy Mike.

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Published: 2006-10-17 05:26:36

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