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Cruise Ship Job
Genre: Fiction
By girlone
 2.93 of 5

Kristi lay on the couch in the living room, waiting for her mom to get home from work. Her best friend Diane had gotten a job as a cook on a cruise ship and could get Kristi a job on the cruise ship too. Kristi needed to get her mother’s permission before she could take the job on the cruise ship. Finally, the front door opened, Kristi ran to the front door.

"Mom?" said Kristi.

"What Kristi?" replied her mom.

"Do you know how you said you wanted me to get off my backside and get a job?" Kristi asked.

"Yeah." her mom said.

"Well. Diane is taking a job on a cruise ship as a cook. And she can get me a job as well, I'd work really hard mom!" Kristi said in an excited voice.

"Hum. Well, I did say you needed to get a job, then I suppose so." Kristi’s mom replied reluctantly.

"Great! Thanks mom!" screamed Kristi as she ran to phone Diane.

"Are you all packed?" asked Diane.

"Sure am, got my clothes, music CD's, TV and videos." Kristi said.

"Kristi, we're going to work, not take a vacation!"

"So!" said Kristi. "You know I don't go any where without my precious entertainment."

"You are such a geek,” teased Diane. “But we are going to have a great summer on the cruise ship.”

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Published: 2006-10-18 05:27:29

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