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Drawing Contest
Genre: Fiction
By girlone
 2.7 of 5

Living in the inner city, Linda was from a poor family. She was the youngest member of the family. She had a knack for drawing. But her family could not afford any drawing supplies so she would spend many hours drawing in the dirt with a stick. One day, her friend Callie came along with another friend, Kim. They told Linda about a promotional contest the local hamburger joint was having. To enter, you must draw a picture, the best one you could draw. The prize was ten free hamburger meals and new drawing supplies. The supplies contained pencils, markers, watercolors and paper. Linda immediately knew she would enter that contest.

First thing the next morning, Linda, Callie and Kim met at the hamburger joint. They picked up a kit with paper and colored pencils. Linda had trouble figuring out what to draw. Callie was going to draw her favorite thing, her pet cat, but it looked more like Kimís old dog. Kim was drawing her favorite food, a hamburger. It looked good enough to eat. Kim was a good artist. Then it came to Linda. She would draw a picture of the restaurant. She brought the colored pencils and paper outside to be by herself and drew the hamburger place. When she got home, her brother teased her for entering the contest. Girls canít draw. You are goanna lose and so on. But she had confidence in her ability to draw.

Finally, the day that the restaurant would announce the winners had arrived. Callie and her family, Kim and her family and Linda and her family went to the hamburger joint. Kim was announced as one of the two runner-ups. Then the winner announced. Linda had won the contest. Her family and friends cheered as she received the ten hamburger meals and the drawing supplies. Linda invited her friends Callie and Kim to a hamburger party at her house. The food was great but Linda was most thrilled about the drawing supplies.

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Published: 2006-10-19 05:28:28

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